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Epoxy floor coating is more durable, available in a multitude of colours and finishes, and is almost omnipresent in places like parking garages, office lobbies, schools, and other showrooms. As a local company, Upscale Painting Inc. is known in Cornwall for epoxy floor coatings that look great and stand the test of time.

Cornwell Epoxy Floor Coating

In Cornwall Epoxy Floor Coating is Everywhere, and for Good Reason

If you live in Cornwall, you’ve almost certainly seen epoxy floor coatings. They are practically everywhere at “The Square”, both in common areas and in the various stores. And if you work at one of the distribution facilities at Cornwall’s Business Park, you almost certainly walk or drive your forklift on a concrete foundation with an epoxy floor coating.

So why does Cornwall have such an abundance of commercial buildings that feature an epoxy floor coating? One reason is that epoxy floor coating reflects sunlight. That makes for a brighter, more positive workplace or retail environment. The result is not only happier workers and customers, but a brighter distribution centre can help to reduce accidents by literally “lighting the way”.

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Some of the Numerous Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

When installed by the professionals at Upscale Painting, epoxy floor coatings have numerous benefits. Other reasons for your business in Cornwall to choose epoxy floor coating include:

  • Anti-slip Properties: Epoxy floor coating has anti-slip properties that can prevent injuries due to falls and also prevent machinery such as forklifts from having accidents
  • Easy to Clean and Bacteria Resistant: Oil, water, and other spills can be contained more easily on an epoxy coated floor which allows for quicker cleaning. Also, epoxy stands up to high-pressure washing. These days we are much more conscious of germs and viruses, so why wouldn’t you choose epoxy floor coating as an option?
  • Mechanical Resistance: Epoxy floor coating can stand up to heavy equipment such as forklifts and resists damage from high traffic and falling objects.
  • Self-extinguishing (Fire Protection): Small fires will not spread on epoxy floor coating and will self-extinguish quickly. This is particularly useful in businesses such as restaurants and welding shops.
  • Odourless and VOC Free: This enables floors in small spaces and poor ventilation to be coated with epoxy.
kitchen cabinets painter
kitchen cabinets painter

Epoxy Floor Coating Allows for Colours and Graphics

At Upscale Painting in Cornwall, we have years of experience installing epoxy floor coating that includes company logos, lines, directions for traffic, and other useful markings. An epoxy coating can give a countertop or table the look of rich granite at barely a fraction of the price. We have coated high-end restaurant tables, countertops, and board room tables with epoxy.

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